Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Season is the combination of sadness and sweet pain of memories.
May the cool wind wipes away the tears from your cheeks softly,
And the sunlight covers you like a shawl and gives you warmth so that you may not feel loneliness.
May this winter gives you prettiest memories and be a source of pleasure for you. Ameen

U must b feeling to go out

Dance around

Sing songs

Meet frnds

Jump around

Its very natural..

Every 'FROG' feels the same ;) :-P
Mila karo hamain aksar k jee nahi lagta..

tmharay raabty say zindagi wajood mein hai.
Q chalti hy pawan?
bcz of evaporation.

Q ghome hy gagan?
bcz of earth's rotation.

Q machalta hy man?
bcz of disordr in digestion.

Q gumm he hr disha
Bcz u hv poor sense of direction

Q hota hy nasha
Bcz of drug addiction

Q aati hy bahar
Bcz of change in season

Q lut'ta hy qarar
Bcz of takng tension

Q hota hy pyar

Bcz of opposite attrction

I hv xplaind u evrythng. ab mt kehna

"Na Tm Jano Na Hm" :-)
A letter to Board of Education from a student:
Dear Board of Education,

I'm bored of education! :-)
The Story behind "Ladies First."

Long ago, a man &woman were madly in love. They wanted to marry. Parents did not aprove. They decided to suicide together & planned to jump from mountain. The man could not bear to see his sweet heart fall.
He convinced her that he will jump first. He jumped.

The lady never jumped. Thereafter all men decided "LADIES FIRST" :-D
I always remember the people,
who are Special for me,
Important for me,
Near & Dear to me,
I think about them,
I care about them,
I pray for them
You are one of them.
So I wish, May Allah fill your life with colors of happines & smiles.